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    Okay so I have a Samsung Reality, and the problem here is it's deactivated, and the touch screen is broken as well. Like a dummy, I didn't save anything to the memory card beforehand either. I was hoping you guys could help and hopefully there might be a way for me to upload the photos onto my computer?

    I have a Mac OS X v. 10.6.4 if it makes any difference

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    Re: Uploading photos to PC via USB?

    Try via Bluetooth!! I am also so frustrated with these cell phone companies that make it almost impossible to download photos from your device. You would think that they would assume that you would like to easily download your photos from your cell phone now that it has a camera!!.....same with video...duh! I've been trying for months to figure out how to download photos from my LG dare, but like someone mentioned the user manual (or their website) does not mention anything about it. I also tried through the verizon website (through their "media center") but the software is limited and extremely cumbersome to use (I thinks this is done on purpose...), and when you finally figure out how to share photos through email from the website or through picture message, the photos are downsized to a minute fraction of kbs. I finally tried to "ask" the web, through Google, and that's how found out about you guys (thanks!!!). However, the usb cable method described here did not work for me either (Mac); it just showed that it was charging even after changing the settings for usb on the cell.But it then occurred me to try through the bluetooth, and it worked like a charm!!! (this page was my muse!) So, if you have bluetooth capabilities on your computer, just paired it with your device and your would be able to download all the photos in their full glory. You would be able to access all the folders in your cell (including mypictures,myvideos) as an USB mass storage device. I hope this helps and thanks again for having this site up. Good luck!

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