Hi there,

I accidently dropped the cell phone of one of my friends. Since then the display only shows some hissing. She has a lot of pictures on the cell phone, which are very important to her and I tried extracting them using an USB-Datacable and the Samsung PC Studio 2.0. In detail:

I bought the following datacable from Akkuking

USB Datenkabel für Samsung (kompatibel zu PCB100) SGH-E530 E680 E880 D730 i320 Handyzubehör Datenkabel-USB Samsung

I installed both, the driver from the CD coming with the cable and those supported by Samsung:

Samsung SGH-E530 - Software & Anleitungen - Support - Samsung Mobile Deutschland

for the model E530. I also installed the PC Studio given by that link. I rebooted the PC, activated the cell phone (with SIM) and connected via datacable.

My problem: The cellphone blips and the display-lights activate, bt the PC (XP SP2) doesn't show any additional USB-Com port connection in the device manager.

My assumption is that all I have to do is pressing some sort of "OK" button with the cell phone, but without display thats easier said than done. Simply pressing the upper left button (the usual candidate) once or several times doesn't work. Is there anybody having the same cell phone model who could provide help? I tried un- and reinstalleing drivers several times, as well as rebooting etc.


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