I'm wanting to start a new plan with T-mobile, without a contract, and none of their cheaper cellphones interest me.

So I was wanting to buy a cellphone from ebay and use a T-mobile SIM card to activate the phone with, but I'm curious if that's even possible with the phone I want.

I was interested in buying an unused Samsung Mantra SPH M340 here:
Samsung Mantra SPH-m340 Virgin Mobile Brand New Sealed - eBay (item 270645755805 end time Nov-05-10 20:38:33 PDT)

And basically I'm a total newbie when it comes to cellphones.
Would I need to unlock this phone? And if so is that a hassle to do? And is there any charge?
Or is it a simple matter of buying the phone, and slipping the SIM card in?

Basically I'd just like some insight on what I'm wanting to do here, and how to go about it.
Thanks in advance.

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