I just purchased a samsung seek and I notice that the phone that Sprint sells their customers includes software to allow syncing with a Microsoft Exchange Server to use Outlook using the URL from your company's web version of Outlook. But I bought my samsung seek through credomobile wireless phone company. they use the sprint network, but their samsung seek doesn't include this software application. I notice that Samsung doesn't sell phone applications at this time and Sprint already told me they aren't able to sell this software. Any suggestions on how to locate this software? I've never bought phone apps before.

This is where I read about the software and how to set it up:

Sprint samsung Seek Tips & tricks | New Samsung Cell Phones |

"Users can connect with a Microsoft Exchange server to configure their Microsoft Outlook account.

1.Go to Main > Email, which launches the new account wizard.
2.Press Next. The Setup New Account screen appears, which gives a list of personal email account options to choose from.
3.Select Gmail, for instance, to set up a personal Gmail account to the phone and follow any necessary prompts.
4.To set up a work account, select Work > Microsoft Exchange.
5.Type in the URL of the desired Microsoft Exchange server, which is the same address used to access the user?s work email from the web.
6.Touch Next.
7.Enter the user?s login information to retrieve email, contacts, and calendar data from the server.
8.Users may need to contact their company?s IT department for further information on connecting with the company?s exchange server."

I just need the software to do that.

Thank you

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