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    hello all, have you tried to unlock your Samsung phone, but are getting a "Phone freeze" message?

    Cellunlocker.net can now unlock your phone even though you have a "Phone freeze" message!

    You will require what we can a "mck" code, which is the defreeze code to unlock Samsung phones which have been bricked, or have had the incorrect unlock code inputted too many times.

    You can get your defreeze code here:

    Manufacturer's Unlock Codes

    We can unlock all Samsung phones from the following:

    T-Mobile USA Samsung
    Cingular At&t Samsung
    Rogers Samsung
    Fido Samsung
    Vodafone UK Samsung
    Orange Samsung
    SFR Samsung
    Bouygues Samsung

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    Re: Phone freeze: Samsung Phone Freeze unlock solution

    here is the video hope this helps for your phone freeze problem

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YujWEiapRzU]YouTube - Phone Freeze Samsung Defreeze Code Solution - Tmobile, Cingular at&t, Vodafone, Orange[/VIDEO]

    Call Toll Free 1-800-507-9077

    #1 Phone Unlocking Site on the Internet

    Lowest Price and Fastest Turnaround 100% Guaranteed

    We can Unlock Phones INSTANTLY, deal directly with the Source

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    - Cellunlocker.net Team

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    Re: Phone freeze: Samsung Phone Freeze unlock solution


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