I have borrowed a Samsung SCH-W960, but can't even switch it on. I'm not sure if it is because the battery (both of them) are dead, or I'm using the correct technique to turn it on.

The device comes with a little box that looks like it is supposed to charge via a USB port, but when I plug it in, there's no leds or anything to tell me it's charging. If I leave it plugged in for a while, it doesn't get hot or even warm. I leave it in overnight, and then try it in the phone, but no joy.

Thinking it might be lack of power on the USB port, I've tried multiple USB ports on multiple computers, but no difference. I even tried charging it using the phone, but nothing...

When trying to turn the device on, I'm pressing the bottom right key on the front of the device - I guess it is a 'hang up call' key that doubles as power on/off. It has a small circle with a line in it, similar to the power on/off symbol on Nokia phones (which I'm more used to).

So, someone here more used to Samsung phones must be able to help me get this thing to show some life...


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