Hi, all,

Samsung SCH A650 is what I am having trouble with. I've had this phone for a long time, and of course before I get the chance to get a new one, it seems to have gone bonkers on me. It had charged overnight and the alarm rang this morning no problem. It had been sitting at my desk, and I noticed the red light for the power indicator was solid on. This was strange, so I opened the phone, and the screen didn't activate. Pressing the keys made no sound and I could not turn the phone off. I removed the battery and put the battery back in. Turning it "on" only turned the red light on again.

Is this a known issue? Does anybody know of a way so that I can at least retrieve my data (i.e. phonebook, and would love to get my ringtones off of it, too), even if I can't use the phone again?


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