I have an AT&T phone which I don't really like but have been tolerating (it has a full qwerty "touch pad" which I can never hit the letters correctly and it drives me crazy - LG Vu). My contract isn't up for awhile and not sure right now if I'll stay with AT&T, partly because I don't really like their phone selections so don't want to upgrade to a phone and have to resign a 2 year contract....

Anyway, there is a prepaid T-mobile phone that I've seen advertised recently which I really like the look of - not too expensive. It is the Samsung T-369. I mostly use my phone for calling friends and texting. I don't have a data plan, so surfing the web etc not an issue. I really want a full qwerty board with actual buttons I can push. I won't be using the phone as a "prepaid" phone as we have a family plan with unlimited calling.

If I purchase the Samsung T-369 from Best Buy or some non-cell phone company, and insert my AT&T sim card into it, can I use it in place of my current phone? Would it work correctly? I have read that phones can be unlocked and used in his way, but not sure how that works.


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