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    I am desperately in need of a SMARTPHONE or a good phone 4 fast texting that has ADD TO REJECT LIST feature . This feature is extremely important to me as I have business that I have to put my phone number out there ONLINE . there is no other option for me not to advertise without my cell phone number .

    I need this feature to ADD TO REJECT LIST every particular phone number that i wish to reject , AND , AND .... ANY PRIVATE , BLOCKED , ANONYMOUS PHONE NUMBER. I want to at least send ANY OF THESE HARASSING NUMBERS OR CALLERS straight to voice mails or a message stating that my phone is disconnected. that way THESE BAD callers don't call me ever again as THEY WAKE ME UP DURING MY SLEEP. and I can't afford turning my phone off during my sleep as it costs me business .

    thanks so much for your help , god bless you if you can help me on this. I am desperate for your help . I am right now using NET10.COM phone model NTT401G , SAMSUNG. It has this excellent feature of ADD TO REJECT LIST. BUT UNFORTUNATELY I hate the keyboard , make me text very slow . I wish for a keyboard at least like SAMSUNG NTR355C or BETTER such as blackberry or other smart phone , or any phone that text fast . thanks so much .

    You can email me your reply too at [email protected] , cause i am brand new to this forum , not sure if i find my way back here later today .

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