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    Hello, excuse me for my english.
    I want buy phone which take good photos and good video recording.
    I choose between SAMSUNG S8500 and NOKIA N8.
    What of them photographes and records video more better?
    In Russia (I am from moscow) price s8500 is 410 usd, price N8 is 610 usd
    Please, indicate web page where are comparison pictures and movies by this phones

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    Re: SAMSUNG S8500 or NOKIA N8?

    You can visit the following webpage
    Samsung S8500 Wave 2GB vs. Nokia N8

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    Re: SAMSUNG S8500 or NOKIA N8?

    Well, Nokia N8 has a great camera (12 Mpx vs. 5 mpx) but lacks in battery and OS Symbian. Samsung Wave has better battery life (1500 mAh compared to 1200 mAh) and OS (bada 2 is not better than Android or iOS but it still rocks when compared to almost dead Symbian). Wave also has Super AMOLED screen while N8 has "just" AMOLED. These are probably the main differences between these two phones.

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