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    Now available for entire Samsung Wave family: lifetime on-board navigation for a special
    campaign price
    Shanghai-China, 24 November 2010 - ROUTE 66 today announces the availability of lifetime onboard
    navigation for the entire family of Samsung Wave smartphones. All owners of a Samsung
    Wave are invited to upgrade their smartphone with a lifetime navigation license for a special
    campaign price.
    ROUTE 66 mapping and navigation engine integrated in Samsung Wave
    In addition to the Samsung Wave (GT-S8500), Samsung has recently added several new members to the Samsung
    Wave family: the Samsung Wave II (GT-S8530), the Samsung Wave575 (GT-S5750) and the Samsung Wave723
    (GT-S7230E). The entire Samsung Wave family runs on the Bada operating system and has a mapping and
    navigation application stored in the internal memory of the phone. This Samsung LBS mapping and navigation
    application was developed in close cooperation between Samsung and ROUTE 66. Being seamlessly integrated in
    the Bada operating system, the application offers an unrivalled mapping and navigation experience to the end-user
    when compared to dedicated Bada applications. Everybody who owns a Samsung Wave can use the application and
    its full functionality 30 days for free. This means that, during the 30-days test period, the Samsung Wave can be
    operated as a powerful navigation device with turn-by-turn spoken driving instructions and on-screen directions, both
    in the car and as a pedestrian. Moreover, with this mapping and navigation application you always know exactly
    where you are and how you can get to places that you have never visited before.
    Lifetime on-board navigation for a special campaign price
    After the 30-days test period, however, the navigation feature of the mapping and navigation application will be
    disabled automatically. From this moment onwards, owners of a Samsung Wave will no longer be able to navigate
    with their smartphone but will continue to have access to the worldwide map viewer. To overcome this restriction,
    ROUTE 66 has decided to expand its current end-user campaign for the first Samsung Wave (GT-S8500) to the
    entire family of Samsung Wave phones and to extend the deadline of the campaign with half a year to 30 June 2011.
    This campaign invites all owners of a Samsung Wave to upgrade their smartphone to lifetime navigation with a
    purchase price of US$ 29.99 for one of the territories of Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore & Malaysia or Thailand and
    a purchase price of US$ 49.99 for the territory of India.
    4 Reasons to upgrade the Samsung Wave to lifetime navigation
    There are many reasons why this end-user campaign is attractive for owners of a Samsung Wave. From an end-user
    perspective, the top 4 reasons are:
    1. Enjoy navigation on the Samsung Wave during the entire lifetime of the phone.
    2. Buy your lifetime navigation license now for a special campaign price.
    3. Reduce additional costs for data download and roaming while navigating by storing the map on the memory card of
    the Samsung Wave.
    4. Make the most out of the Samsung Wave by using also its built-in GPS satellite receiver.
    ROUTE 66 end-user campaign for Samsung Wave enormous success
    "Our current end-user campaign for Samsung’s first Bada phone, the Samsung Wave GT-S8500, is an enormous
    success. Since the start of the campaign thousands of Samsung Wave owners have taken advantage of our offer to
    upgrade their smartphone with a lifetime navigation license. Therefore we are very happy that today we can add
    several new Samsung Wave phones to our campaign so that more people than ever before can experience the
    power of a smartphone as a fully featured navigation device." stated Mr. Paul Warmer, Sales & Marketing Director of
    ROUTE 66 Shanghai. "Furthermore, we have decided to extend the deadline of our campaign for the entire Samsung
    Wave family with half a year to 30 June 2011!"
    To benefit from this campaign, owners of a Samsung Wave should simply go either to
    ???.66.com/samsung/wave/help on their smartphone or to ???.66.com/samsung on a desktop computer, select the
    country or region where they want to navigate and complete the transaction via the ROUTE 66 secure payment
    About ROUTE 66
    At ROUTE 66 we are passionate about developing smart, easy-to-use navigation solutions. As a pioneer in the
    mobile navigation market, ROUTE 66 is an innovator and provider of leading-edge navigation software for mobile
    devices, as well as of a wide range of extra geographic content and location based services. Headquartered in
    Pf?ffikon/SZ (Switzerland), we have offices in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia and sell our products and
    services worldwide. For more information, please visit ROUTE 66, the personal navigation pioneer.
    1) The end-user campaign only applies to owners of a Samsung Wave (GT-S5750, GT-S7230E, GT-S8500 or
    GTS8530) smartphone with a preinstalled copy of the Samsung LBS navigation software.
    2) The end-user campaign has a limited duration and will expire on 30 June 2011.
    For further information, please contact our press department by e-mail (press at 66.com) or by telephone (Shanghai-
    China: +86-21-62887791).

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