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    The Google Nexus S for the UK which was suppose to launch today has been delayed through Carphone Warehouse. Carphone Warehouse was smart enough to include a press release for those customers who were eagerly awaiting for the Google Nexus S because it announced that the Google Nexus S price had dropped from £549.99 to £429.99 without contract and the minimum monthly contract has also been reduced from £35 to £30 to get the phone free.

    Also mentioned in the press release was that the Nexus S will become available on December 22, which is tomorrow. This is something we will have to wait and see, because according to sources, the weather isn't too great in the UK and it may take several days for the Google Nexus S to arrive in the stores before Christmas.

    via: UK: Google Nexus S delayed until Wednesday, December 22 Ľ Unwired View

    See More: Google Nexus S delayed in the UK
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