Hi Everyone,

Apologies if there is a thread already created but I couldn't find it. I picked up the Samsung Corby (GT-B3410R) earlier today and am having a difficult time trying to load games onto it. I thought it was java enabled but when I try to load games i find at different sites which claim to work for my phone i get an error that the file isn't recognized.

i may be trying to load the games incorrectly but for reference I have been downloading .jar or .jab files and then copying them over to my micro sd card and then selecting the specific file on the phone. As i said i constantly get an unrecognized error and i've tried many different files.

Am i doing something wrong, does the phone not support java apps or are the files i'm trying corrupt? Can anyone point me to a good reference that would provide any info on how to load games onto my phone. Thanks very much and i'm sorry for any dumb questions but i'm very new to this type of thing.


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