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    Samsung and Apple seem like they are teaming a way. Samsung is planning on giving Apple shipments of their mobile application processors. The thing is, Samsung is going to quadruple this amount and will be giving Apple more than themselves. Samsung and Apple are the number one rivals. Samsung is made up of many divisions, so we must assume this is a safe move for Samsung.

    Samsung will increase the number of their mobile application processors from 5,000 from last year to 20,000 this year. Samsung has not commented on this move but the info was supposedly confirmed by two industry sources.

    Seoul South Korea is the factory where Samsung’s semiconductor division delivers mobile APs and they plan on building a factory in Austin, Texas in where most of the semiconductors Samsung produces will be produced for Apple. The new building in Austin is said to cost around $3.6 billion.

    via: Are Samsung, Apple getting closer?

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    Re: Apple will get half of Samsung's mobile processors

    Samsung's market share was up nearly 1 percent from the first quarter,As with previous iPhone models, the 3GS--introduced in June--integrates a Samsung processor based on the ARM architecture. The processor accounted for $14.46, or 8.4 percent, of the materials cost of the iPhone 3GS based on pricing in late June.
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