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    Awhile back ago we reported that Samsung was preparing a new Samsung device that would be powered by Tegra 2 with Nvidia. There has been a little more info leaked regarding this super phone.

    The Tegra 2 powered Samsung phone has a model number of GT-I9103 and may be a version of the Samsung Galaxy S II. The reason we believe that the Tegra 2 device will be a version of the Galaxy S II is that the Galaxy S II sports the model number,
    GT-I9100 and a statement made by Samsung that the Galaxy S II does not have the dual core AP in some markets.

    via: Samsung's Tegra 2 Superphone: The GT-I9103 - AnandTech :: Your Source for Hardware Analysis and News

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    Re: Samsung Tegra 2 powered smartphone..I9103

    that's interesting.. hopefully, this series of galaxy will last since there will be new processors to be release sooner.. matter of fact, the HTC Salsa soon to be launched will employ OS that is designed for dual core processors, the V2.4 originally for honeycomb tablets. isnt that an early warning HTC is gettiing into more powerful processors? i just saw that in site..
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    Re: Samsung Tegra 2 powered smartphone..I9103

    The Tegra 2-powered Samsung device goes by the model number GT-I9103 and though we don’t have an image yet to go with the device, there is a high possibility I9103 could be be a variant of Galaxy S II considering Galaxy S II’s model number is GT-I9100 and Samsung’s statement on Galaxy S II’s specification page of not having a Samsung dual-core AP in some regions.
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