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    Hey all.

    I got samsung star s5230 mobile phone,and it worked perfect for a year or something like that,now it seems like my touchscreen is not calibrated,it works but when i press one point on touch screen,it touches other point,and i cant get into settings to calibrate,and do anything,because my touch screen is not allright,so can u please tell me how to recalibrate it or reset it to factory settings,keep in mind that i cant type anything or go in menu or something

    Please help....

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    Re: PLEASE HELP - Samsung S5230 Star

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    I'm exactly the same problem. I realized that if I wait a long time he returns to work OK, as if the delay was to start the OS in the background. DMR tried a master reset but it did not actually got the feeling that did not restore anything, 'cause my photo as wallpaper continued. I am thinking of replacing the firmware. If anyone has any light ...

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