Just purchased a GT-S5230 because it was cheap and did quad band. The phonebook ap is less than desirable. I'm using Exchange sync between the phone and my email, calendar and phonebook and everything works OK except:

1. Phonebook only has 3 phone numbers per contact so half my phone numbers don't show up.
2. Can only search for contacts from the beginning of the "save as" field. Therefore searching for a contact saved as "Smith; John" can only be found under Smith, not John. This is probably most important as I need to find contacts by any name in the name or company field.
3. Inbound phone calls don't right justify when checking against the phonebook to match and display a contact from the caller ID. Since my carrier only delivers 7 digits and I need to store the phone numbers as 10 digits for calling when I'm traveling, I never see the name of the person who is calling unless I store the phone number twice. With only 3 phone numbers per contact, this is difficult. This is probably the biggest pain of all and what's amazing is the cheaper the phone, the better odds it will do this correctly.

Does anyone know of a good phonebook ap that can be installed on the GT-S5230. As stated, better searching is most important. Thanks much.

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