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    For smartphones unveiled last December, Samsung is already working on producing low-powered DDR2 RAM for the smartphones. With the production of the DDR2 RAM, Samsung smartphones will have more slimmer and lighter devices when it comes to their tablets as well as their smartphones.

    The chip is a DRAM chip that is 30nm class process based chip that will be named the 4GB LPDDR2 RAM. Not only will it allow for production of thinner and lighter devices, but will also help prolong battery life.

    The chip is said to have data transmission speeds of 1066 Mbps. That's an improvement over the present MDDR chip that only delivers 333-400Mbps right now. Samsung reports that these new chips will help cut the package height by 20% as well as consume 25% less power.

    The 4GB LPDDR2's with 8GB will produce this month and the 16GB next month.

    via: Samsung 30nm-based 4Gb DRAM now in production | Samsung Hub

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