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    I think it´s preety well described in the title... I have a winmo 6.5 samsung B7320 with no apps or memory card, and whenever I connect the internet and the phone try to change from 3g to edge or vice-versa it becomes unresponsive. By unresponsive I mean that some buttons does not work, like the power buttons, the up/down and so on. The internet is frozen, the apps still running but disconnected. To solve the problem I need to take out the battery and replace, but it´s just to happen again. When I lock to gsm network it never freezes, when I lock to hsdpa it freezes, I think it happens when try to change from 3g to 3g+.

    I think I managed to create a log file of the error, but it´s too big for the forum attachments, so I´ve splited in two...

    What do I do? This is very annoing and I´m considering to never buy any windows mobile phones anymore...

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