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    I have a Samsung Sunburst touch cell phone that I received through AT & T. I will be closing my AT&T account shortly and wanted to know if I can take my phone to Metro PC or any other cell phone store and have it activated with a monthly bill from them.

    Secondly, can I buy minutes for a phone like this that used to be monitored by AT & T?

    See More: Changing Cell Phone Services w/ same phone.

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    Re: Changing Cell Phone Services w/ same phone.

    In order to be able to do that you have to make sure first that the phone has been unlocked because it's from AT&T and thefore it should be locked to their network. Make sure you get your phone unlocked through a reliable source, I got my blackberry unlocked from timtechs before and they have money back guarantee if the unlock code didn't work.

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