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    I have bought a global SIM from 0044 to use in my unlocked Samsung E370 phone. The advantage of the SIM from the USA is that it has both a USA and UK number and whilst roaming calls can be received free of charge.

    With the 0044 SIM in the phone, with the phone switched on and after entering the correct PIN I can receive calls and texts so I know

    1. the phone is unlocked
    2. the phone works
    3. the SIM works

    To make a call to say 05555 666666 in the UK I am told to dial the country code (44) followed by the number (without the leading zero). No mention is made in the instructions about enter a "+" or "00"

    The phone should then go dead for a short time before receiving a call-back from the operator. This allows them to reroute the call through the cheapest carrier or through the Internet.

    So I dial 445555666666 and the phone goes dead and stays dead - any ideas why?

    Do I need to set up the phone and, if so, how?

    See More: Using a Call-Back SIM with an E370
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