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    Samsung Blast-SGH-T729
    Samsung Blast SGH - T729

    After finally getting Tmobile to give me an unlock code, and successfully entering the code, I called Samsung to request confirmation that the handset was now ready to use in Switzerland. I plan on purchasing a SIM card when I get to Switzerland. they tell me that the phone won't work there as swiss network operates at 950/1900KHz, and blast operates at 900/1800. I told them that the handset is labeled(inside battery compartment) as a "Portable Quadband PHONE", and everything I've read suggests a Quadband phone will work in Europe. The Samsung rep then put me on hold to check with (someone more knowledgeable)... she came back on and said the phone will not work in Switzerland.

    Can anyone clarify/help with this.......and/or offer corroborating reference..

    and how about a way to recheck that the handset was in fact successfully unlocked

    Much thanks,

    See More: Will my unlocked T-Mobile Samsung "Blast" work in Europe?
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