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    hi there,new on here but a problem i hope you can help me with.Idropped my samsung mobile out of my pocket straight down the loo....unbelievably stupid i know but i instantly got it out and got home as quick as i could,took it apart and dried it by blowing on it(never used hairdryer)when i put it back together and put the simcard in it turned on ok but my problem is that when it turns on it just goes straight to connecting to pc without me pressing anything and it is continuing to stay as tring to connect to pc,nothing else!!!!!any help on what i can try please.

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    Re: whoops! it went downt the toilet!

    unfortunately when water dries it leaves behind deposits (stuff that was in the water). More than likely this is what is causing your phone to do weird things. The only way to fix this is to take the phone entirely apart and clean all the button connections with pure alcohol.

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