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    Samsung is teaming up with LG U+ and SK Telecom to bring an LTE handset, SHV-E110S. LG U+ already has an LTE router that is created by Samsung and they are planning on using this for their 4G network.

    With the help of Samsung, SK Telecom will also implement the 4G LTE network. SK Telecom will begin by using Smart LTE to help with mobile data traffic and will also use the Circuit Switched fallback function for voice quality.

    The LTE handset, SHV-E110S was mentioned last month and is an Android handset that was certified by South Korea authorities. GPS, a WVGA display, microSD card slot, Bluetooth and dual-band Wi-Fi are some of the features that will be found on this handset.

    via: Samsung powers LTE plans for LG U+ and SK Telecom in South Korea - Sammy Hub

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