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    Android OS is the main OS on Samsung's newest PMPs but Samsung is getting ready to launch a new PMP to its lineup that will run on proprietary OS in Russia as well as other parts of the world.

    The touchscreen PMP that will be coming soon is the YP-R2 PMP and it has a textured battery cover and measures around 50.9◊90.9◊8.6mm. Features of the Samsung PMP player will include the following: a 3-inch WQVGA LCD, 4 or 8GB of storage, SoundAlive, FM Radio, voice recorder, mic and a battery life of 40 hours for music and 4 hours for video as well as the Music Square feature that allows you to sort and organize your music. The PMP has the ability to support a wide range of multimedia codes.

    via: Samsung YP-R2 touchscreen-enabled PMP coming soon - Sammy Hub

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