Hey folks....it's my first time in here and I hope someone can help me out.

I'm looking at Bell's Samsung Impact and have read online that you can use this phone without any data plans. How is this possible? I always thought that anytime you need to access the web you need a data plan.

I went on Bell's website and decided to "chat" with a representative. The employee told me that I would have to pay $10 per month for a "mobile browser". Problem is, Bell only gives you 50mb a month which is nothing. I'd probably go through that in less than a week.

I really want an HTC Incredible S smartphone but didn't really want to spend $50-$70 per month on a data plan. But after chatting with that Bell rep, he told me that a Samsung Impact would cost me $40 per month. To be honest, I don't know if that phone is any good and for $10 bucks more I can get a much better phone (bigger screen, longer battery life, more apps etc) on the HTC phone.

The only reason I was considering the Impact was to keep my bill around $25-$30 per month. If I'm going to be charged $40 I might as well step and get the HTC which I'm sure blows away the Impact in every aspect. (hope I didn't offend anyone who has one...that wasn't my intention!).

Is it possible to have a non-smartphone that can go online without the pricey data plans? The Samsung Impact really appealed to me....but after knowing what I have to spend, I'm not quite sure anymore. Can someone tell me more about this phone and why you don't need a data plan?

I'm really confused.

Any positive or negative feedback is welcome. If you've owned this phone and you think it sucks please let me know before I sign a 3 yr deal with Bell. Please share your thoughts or opinions on what I should do.


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