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    Hello, first I would like to say HELLO!!! .

    Secondly, I have a pretty serious question here, my father purchased my sister a Gravity T669 phone and he had asked me to look something up for him since he's quite the computer illiterate. He asked if I can find spyware or some app to install on her phone to track her SMS messages. She is young and I, like him, just want to make sure this girl isn't going to get herself into any trouble.

    Now I have searched all over, yes there are a few "SMARTPHONE" apps that would work perfectly on my HTC Inspire however, I just can't for the love of searching, find one that would support the Samsung Gravity T669 Gravity® Touch QWERTY Cell Phone | Samsung Mobile.

    If anyone would have any insight on this, I would be grateful!

    In case any was wondering, I'm 28 and my sis is just getting into her teens, so yes... she is a snotty little brat, lol, but honestly this is for her own good considering she practically sleeps with her phone with the amount of time she spends texting, just wanna make sure there aren't any creeps...

    And for those who might bring up the privacy issues, I'm sure my pops will say something, doubt she will be listening though.


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    Re: Hello All!

    Quote Originally Posted by mahni1390 View Post
    why you want do that, if you don't trust her,then you shouldn't buy cellphone for her.!!!!!!!
    مهاجرت کانادا
    LOL, you may be right however this isn't my decision, lmao. The cell isn't just for her luxury but also emergency, at least that is the gist of what I got from my pops, lmao.

    Anyways, looks like if he wants to make sure she isn't doing anything troubling, he'll just have had purchase a sim card reader.

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