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    Seems like Samsung is having a hard time creating names for their Samsung devices and although Samsung has different names for some of their series, a couple of them still look pretty much the same.

    Samsung has decided to go with the "letter" series now for naming their devices. Samsung will continue using the "S", but will add on an additional letter in their next series lineup.

    In the photo above, the devices all have a single letter, categorizing each as a Premium, High Tier, Mid-Tier and Entry-Tier. The name says it all for what type of device it's named.

    Although it's not known what the prices will range with each "Tier", it's expected that the "R" devices will run around 300-400 EUR while the "Y" devices will run below 130 EUR.

    Along with the "letter" added to the Samsung devices, there will also be a number attached as well...R2, W3 and so on and will be categorized as suck:

    “Plus” – will be assigned to handsets that will have not major changes in their shape form and will include bumped up specs.

    “Pro “ – will be assigned to those with a QWERTY keyboard or keypad.

    LTE – will be LTE network compatible

    And for the Samsung Wave Bada phones, yep, they will undergo the same as the above, ranging from Wave 3 and Wave 4 for those with bumped up specs and features to an M and Y added for those with lower specs and entry level devices.

    The Samsung Omnia series will not be left out. The Omnia will have the "W", "M" ad "Y" added for their low and entry level handsets with the higher spec'd phones carrying just a number.

    via: UAB "Mobili linija" > Pasaulio naujienos > „Samsung“ pradeda naujà savo telefonø klasifikacijà

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