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    The other day my phone (Samsung Intensity) was sitting out in a rainstorm... I was using it and forgot to go inside. At the VERY END of the storm my phone was water damaged. At first it was stuck on the 0 button and if I tried to send a message it would push the 0 button. Finally after using it for some time and taking it apart, drying it off, etc. etc. It started working again, but it was going dead. As soon as it went dead I was like, "Oh? I'll charge it at home." When I got home I plugged it in... the keypad lit up... but not the front key pad or screen... I figured I'd just wait until the morning to figure it out. So far, I can make calls if I get the number right, but I can't see what I'm doing. I can receive calls and text messages as far as I could before... that's all I've discovered for now. I thought it was all aired out and dry, but I NEED my front screen to work, and I can't get a new one until NOVEMBER! I NEED help! Please! (I got a text this morning and I didn't know who it was from and it drove me INSANE!! I tried to text them back with out knowing who it was...) Thanks a million! -Maggie

    Send to my email - if you have any answers! Thank you!

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    Re: Water Damaged...

    edited out your e-mail so you don't get spammed

    I'm sorry to hear your phone got wet. Unfortunately it sounds like something shorted that controls the screen. Do you have insurance? If not, you're out of luck. You may want to start looking for a replacement on eBay | Electronics, Cars, Clothing, Collectibles and More Online Shopping

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