Meet Ammartech Inc. Owner Ammar Aboulnasr

A Canadian supplier of mobile electronics.

Located at

2 Robert Speck Parkway, Suite 764
Mississauga, ON L4Z 1H8

In my first dealings with Ammar it was all Refurbished devices. He was one seller that actually had a higher quality product so we decided to try to move these “hard to sell” refurbs in a way that would appeal to the customer. Our first deal was 5/29/09 for a small 3 pc order. This went fine. We started to do more and more with Ammartech as the items seemed to be of quality and customers liked that. A few were sent back for bad pins and some had a speaker issue, some were scratched, but overall not too bad of a return.

Later that year we started to catch some interest from other wholesalers, so we started to place orders with Ammartech in bulk. The first order was somewhat rocky as he gave a shipping estimate and shipped 4 days after, not a huge deal, but it got there. I believe it was a 10-12 day turn around from when the wire hit his account until the customer received their goods. The next order was placed for 110 pcs. 50 of these were all stopped by customs for Copyright infringement. I spoke to Ammar, the owner, regarding this and he said that the Accessories are “high copy” and that he warned me of this. The package was shipped late, 60 were shipped on time and 50 were shipped 3 days later. Only the later of the 2 packages were held by customs. I felt this was ok, since I figured the phones would be released. He reassured me that customs does this and they should be released soon. In the meantime we placed a larger order for refurbished devices. On 7/27 we submitted our PO for 380 of these “Refurbished” devices. We wired the funds the next day and we were invoiced 5 days later. These packages did not all ship at the same time. 2 of them were sent out shortly after we were invoiced, and then the last one was shipped a few days later, but I was “told” they shipped at the same time. He just stated that his “company” out there in China just switched shipping couriers and there was a small delay. Again I didn’t really worry as everything was paid for in full by us to him, and we have tracking. The later of the package was stopped by customs.

Later that month I receive a letter in the mail, stating that all the devices (the first 50 pc shipment stopped by customs) were in Violation of Copyright Infringement. I contacted Ammar about this and he said it was because of the accessories and then he emphasized “High copy”. I said to him, that I was under the impression that the Devices were all legitimate Blackberries and he then assured me they were. I contacted the agent at the customs location in which the devices were held. They spoke with the inspector and read me the report. ALL THE DEVICES ARE IN FACT FAKE BLACKBERRY DEVICES. I insisted on another opinion and they granted me that request. The 2nd opinion came from another inspector, specializing in Electronics. He then confirmed what the 1st inspector verified in the first place and that they were FAKE, every device as well as the accessories. I contacted Ammar and he emphasized that the ACCESSORIES only were “high copy”, which to this day he will still not admit that “High Copy” = “Fake”. I told him that the 50 pcs in customs are fake and that they are destroying them. I appealed this matter and it was immediately denied by the customs office.

Back to the 380 pcs shipment. 1 package (the later shipped pack) was stopped by customs for the same issue. This package had over 100 pcs of Blackberry devices and again, they claim that the devices and accessories were FAKE. I contacted Ammar and he said that we would attempt to get them back from customs and send them back to China. I believed him and didn’t worry too much on it. I contacted the Customs office and they told me that there is nothing notated about an attempt to return these to the sender, and that they do not handle that. I begged for an appeal and they issued me the form to fill out. I filled this out and it was denied within 3 weeks. I told Ammar that regardless of if I was knowledgeable about the accessories being “High Copy” AKA FAKE, I would have never EVER sold my customers Fake phones! This is a serious crime and I would not risk my company or my companies name to profit so little on RB phones.

Ammar blamed me for this, stating that I knew that the Accessories were fake, and I simply told him that is not the issue. It’s the devices that are fake.
During this time we did continue to do business, but each time we did, Ammar felt that I would take advantage of the situation, because in all essence he does owe me the devices, as I paid for devices that I do not have. Since this occurrence we have done over 250k in business and each time I was treated as if I was to run off with the money, or “screw” him in some way to get back at him. I simply stated that I was not like that, and was hoping for a resolution.

Ammar did confirm with me that after the New Year he would work out a plan to pay me back for my loss, or over 150 devices. I was happy to hear this as now I didn’t have to pursue him legally, which he advised against as “he can’t be touched” and “try to come after me” were his exact words. I didn’t want to knowingly hurt someone’s business, though I was given the opportunity to many times.

Lately Ammar has been distant, as he is being investigated for selling Proto-type devices illegally, and selling them for huge profits. I myself have purchased over 50 proto-type devices from Ammar. Paid him directly for these, but he refuses to invoice them as he claims that would get him in trouble. It doesn’t matter much to me, as my records indicate that the devices were all purchased from him, he was paid in full for them, and they were shipped from his location, with tracking numbers to verify this. I simply told Ammar that if anyone from RIM asks, I will tell them where I purchased the devices. He was very upset to hear this as he seems to run an underground business up in Canada.

I am still hoping on a resolution from Ammar, as I do not want to hurt someone’s creditability or knowingly hurt their business. But my business was crushed, due to this $30k loss because I unknowingly purchased fake blackberry devices from Ammartech Inc. I currently do not owe any money to Ammartech; he has been paid in full. The only balance open is 3 phones that were sent back to Ammartech for being faulty, which he agreed to replace or repair for me and send back. This was 4 months ago when these were sent back to him.

We are Still hoping for a resolution, so if any one has any information on Ammartech that I can use to help retrieve some of the money that is owed to me. I know there was a case a few years ago where a seller in Canada was caught selling fake blackberry devices and the police simply handed the company over to RIM, which spend years suing this company and put them into bankruptcy because of all the litigation. I do NOT want this to come of that, for Ammartech’s sake. I simply want my funds back and I want to discontinue business with this company. There are simply too many falsehoods and lies in dealing with them, and I can not handle doing business with someone of this stature.

You can contact me at [email protected] with any information you can provide regarding this company.


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