1. Display Live Traffic on Maps – Open the 'Maps' application and select '…'. From here, select “show traffic”. This will show the intensity of traffic on major routes via colored lines and patterns.

2. Who's Talking About You – If you would like to know who is posting about you on Facebook, open the 'People' application. Select your profile picture at the top of your contacts; it will display your status updates along with any discussions/references of you.

3. Quick Switch from Standard to Satellite – Zoom in all the way on your map to switch the view from standard to satellite.

4. Change Your Email Signature – Open your 'Hotmail' application and select '…'. Select 'Settings' and then select the area that says “Sent from my Windows Phone”; you can change the signature here.

5. Access Music Control and Profile Instantly – Whenever you are playing music, press either the volume up or volume down buttons to display the media and profile status bar. You will be able to go forward or back a track, pause and play your media and even change your ring profile.

6. Voice Commands, Fast – Hold down the Windows button to instantly access voice commands, regardless of which application you are currently using.

7. Find My Phone – You can enable the 'Find My Phone' feature of the Samsung Focus by going to 'Settings > System' and selecting 'find my phone'. You can select how often your phone records its location. You will be able to remotely access, call or wipe the phone after this is enabled.

8. Change Background/Theme – From the home screen, scroll to the right and select 'Settings'. Then you can select 'Theme' to change the background from black to white.

9. Turn Your Camera Button Into An Alarm Clock – From the home screen, scroll to the right and select 'Settings'. From here, select the 'Applications' menu and once inside, select 'Pictures + camera'. Selecting the top menu option will allow holding down the camera button to wake up your phone and open the camera app.

10. Change Voicemail Number – In order to check alternative voicemails, you first must change your voicemail number. Do this by going to 'Settings'. From here, select the 'Applications' menu and then select 'Phone' once inside. In the top box, you can change the voicemail number to any number you wish.

11. Receive Copies of Your Sent Mail – Open your 'Hotmail' application and select '…'. Select 'Settings' and then check the 'Always bcc myself' box. This will send a copy of every sent item to your inbox.

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