1. Configuring Swype From the 'Settings' menu, touch 'Language & Keyboard > Swype' to access the following options:

- Preferences You can select the language being used, whether or not there is audio feedback (sounds as you enter text), and an enable tip indicator that is useful for beginners.

- Swype Advanced Settings This is where more advanced options can be configured, such as:

- Word suggestion When enabled, suggests possible matching words as you enter text.
- Auto-spacing When enabled, inserts spaces automatically when you pause entering text.
- Auto-capitalization When enabled, automatically capitalizes the first letter of the first word in a sentence.
- Show complete trace When enabled, displays a trace of your Swype paths when using the Swype keyboard.
- Speed vs. accuracy Choose the sensitivity of Swype text recognition.
- Word choice window Select how often word predictions display during text entry.

2. Entering Symbols and Numbers Touch and hold on a key to enter the symbol or number at the top of the key. Touch and hold on a key until a menu of all characters available on that key appears and then touch a character to enter it. You can also touch the Symbol button to switch to Symbol mode and select a corresponding key.

3. Using Swype Speech Recognition Swype can recognize your speech and enter text based on what you say. To do so, select the Speech Recognition key at the bottom left of the keyboard. When prompted to 'Speak now', do so.

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