To make any changes to display features on your Samsung Gravity 2, navigate to 'Menu > Settings > Personalize > Display Settings' and press the 'Select' soft key.

1. Changing Wallpaper – Select 'Wallpaper' and press the 'Select' soft key. Highlight the 'More Wallpapers' option and press 'Edit' or 'OK'. Highlight 'Images' and press 'OK'. From here, you can choose either Wallpapers or Downloaded Images. Highlight an image and press 'OK' or the 'Select' soft key. Press 'Set' and back out of the menu. Your wallpaper is now changed.

2. Changing Dialing Display – From the 'Display Settings' menu, you can select either 'Font Size', 'Font Type', 'Font Color' or 'Background Color'. Editing these options allow you to change (rather obviously) the font, the size and color of the font and the background color font on the dial screen whenever you are making calls.

3. Changing Brightness – Select 'Brightness'. From here, press the left or right navigation keys to adjust the level from 1 to 5. Press the 'Save' option to save any changes made.

4. Changing Backlight Time – Navigate to this option and select the 'On' field. From here, you will be given the option to select a specific amount of time that you would like the backlight to remain on after being inactive. You can select from 5 seconds, 15 seconds or 30 seconds. There is also a 'Dim' option that allows you select a further amount of time that the backlight stays on but in a dimmed state. The options for this selection are also 5 seconds, 15 seconds and 30 seconds.

5. Changing Keypad Light – You can configure the backlit keys to only display light at certain times. By default, it is set to 'Use at any time' but you can customize this by selecting 'Use at custom time'. You can choose a specific time during the day for the keypad to be illuminated by editing the 'After time' and 'Until time' options located within the 'Keypad Light' selection menu.

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