I have a few questions about the Samsung freeform 3 which I just got. Feel free to answer only 1 or 2 of the questions.

1) On my old phone which had "Windows mobile", I had some simple windows .txt files which I need to access every few days. I haven't found a way to download a program for this Samsung yet to have these files with me. I got them in my email online and can access them via the web, but if I don't have internet access one day I will be out of luck. Is there a way to carry these files on my phone? Or transfer them to a different type of file that the Samsung will be able to see?

2) I was trying to download some games on the Samsung and I didn't find anything. So I goggled and found 2 posts on various forums that were saying that since this is not a flash enabled phone, I won't be able to download games for it. Problem is, I have games preloaded on this phone but I don't want to pay for them. So there has to be a way to download non flash games for it. Can anybody help?

3) Same question as #2 but for apps. Are there any cool apps that I can download for this phone?

Thanks a lot


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