[SIZE=5]I am through Walmart's prepaid cell service Straight Talk, and I have the Samsung LG340g, Whenever I press and hold the # key to use numerical format on my internet, it no longer works. It has worked ever since I got this phone just fine for the past few months, now the numerical format disappeared when I'm on the internet. It goes from abc, to Abc, to ABC, but skips 123. The numerical format disappeared sometime yesterday. You can't just use the number pad when you are on the internet on this phone, you have to toggle between formats. It seems like 123 format is disabled completely, and I have talked with support over the phone, no one can't figure it out. I was transferred around between 3 different customer service representatives. And, I've even tired email support on my computer, but issue still has not resolved. I can hit the star key (*) and pull up symbols to key in commas, parenthesis, etc, but 123 format or numerical format skips, like there is some kind of glitch that just happened yesterday. What do I do if no one can't figure this out because I can't check facebook, email, or sign onto yahoo answers because my passwords all require numbers in it, and I can NOT type dang numbers anymore. Only happening on my cell phone's internet browser, I can text and call people just fine.

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