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    Samsung's newest release, the Samsung Replenish, is a budget alternative that is available on both the Boost Mobile and Sprint networks. While this phone may lack when compared to the Samsung Galaxy S2, it does not lack in the entertainment department. Below are some helpful hints at taking advantage of all the Replenish has to offer when it comes to music and video.

    How to Purchase and Download Music

    Press the 'Home' button, then select the 'Applications' icon followed by the 'Android Market' icon. From here, select 'Apps' and then pick the desired music application or file. Once you have located a desired music application or album, tap 'Install'. Pressing Install allows you to purchase the song and download it to your deviceís microSD card.

    How to Access the Music Player

    Press the 'Home' button, then select the 'Applications' icon followed by the 'Music' icon. From here, select one of the following tabs: Artists, Albums, Songs, Playlists or Genre. This will sort any music currently on the phone and display it by the selected category.

    How to Create A Playlist

    Press the 'Home' button, then select the 'Applications' icon followed by the 'Songs' icon. Your
    device searches through your device and microSD card for compatible music files and then displays them onscreen. Touch the 'Radio' button next to a song youíd like to add to a playlist. This action reveals an onscreen popup menu. Tap 'Add to playlist' then select 'New playlist'. Enter a name for the playlist and tap OK.

    How to Backup Downloaded Music

    Although the downloaded files can only be played on your phone and on your account, backing them up to your computer lets you access the files in case your microSD card is lost or damaged, or if you install a new microSD card. In order to do this, connect your phone using a USB cable or the
    built-in connection on Bluetooth-enabled phones. Use your computer to navigate to the microSD
    cardís 'Music' folder. Select and copy the music files to a folder on your computerís hard drive.

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    this looks interesting

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