I am using Samsung C3222 Champ. Earlier I used various Nokia phones. Using samsung phones I noticed that when I plug in my headphones, I can't hear any ringtone while a call is coming but my cell speaker is ringing. It is ok if I am in indoor. But in case when I am on my bike, I am unable to understand whether any call is coming.

If I am listening to FM radio with my headphones and at that time if any call comes, radio goes off but no ring sound can be heard in headphones (speaker rings though). After attending the call, unlike Nokia phones, FM does not resume automatically.... instead it gives message "Keep radio on?". This is irritating if I am riding Bike or whatever.

Lastly, the headphone buttons doesn't change songs in my playlist when I am running music Player, instead it works as a play / pause button.

Samsung Headphone functionality are way lacking behind from that of Nokia.

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