In order to begin this procedure, you will need a piece of software known as iTunes Agent. If you are running a Mac OS, you will need to download the equivalent software, iTuneMyWalkman.

  • Once you have downloaded the appropriate program, install it. After installation, you should notice it (from this point on, I'll refer to the program as iTunes Agent, but both programs work the same way) in the system tray, where it monitors iTunes for any changes.
  • At this point, plug your Samsung Exhibit 4G into your computer's USB port and mount it (a notification should appear on your phone asking you whether or not you wish to mount this device. Select 'Mount').
  • Once the device is mounted, created a folder on the Samsung Exhibit 4G labeled 'Music'. This will be the default folder where the program will attempt to sync music.
  • Now you are ready to begin using iTunes Agent. You will first need to create a configuration file for your phone to work properly with iTunes Agent and iTunes. Begin this by right-clicking on the iTunes Agent icon in the system tray and selecting 'Preferences'. Do not alter any of the check-boxes displayed; instead, select 'New' (this is where you will create a new series of preferences for your phone).
  • Name the device in question when prompted ('Samsung', 'Exhibit', or any other name is fine) and adjust the 'Leave Synchronize Pattern' to iTunes. You will now click the 'Choose' button and select the destination folder as the folder you created earlier on the Samsung Exhibit 4G ('Music'). Follow the same instructions again with the 'Create' button (specifying the folder). Click 'Save' and then 'Close'.
  • Now, open up iTunes with your phone still connected to the computer. You should see a playlist folder labeled 'My Devices', and when opened, the profile you created in iTunes Agent ('Samsung', 'Exhibit', or whatever you named it) should be displayed. Simply drag the music you wish to sync from your iTunes library to the folder and it will be updated on your Samsung Exhibit 4G.
  • Finally, right-click on the iTunes Agent icon in the system tray and click 'Synchronize devices'. This will fully synchronize the music on your phone with the music in your iTunes library.

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