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    Hi all am probably way behind all you users in cells, but have a question, please. I just recently switched to Telus from Rogers...phone is just a phone but it can text. Which I have just started looking into. It seems I can get texts...matter of fact I get some not meant for me..lolLots of wrong #'s even in cell phones. My daughter, who is skilled in texting, re-set something but said in order to send one I have to do 1-area code then #. No where could I find this info out online. I have emailed them a few times, only to be told to call their help line and that costs$ I don't intend to do a lot of texts, but I figure if I am being charged for them and they are not really going, I want to know why. I did look up manual for it online and I don't recall it saying anything about this...but will check it again. I know most have BLACKBERRY or fancy ones but can anyone relate and tell me if this is normal for this older model before I spend $ calling them? Thanks!!

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    Re: C414 Pay as you go and texting

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