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Power Saving Mode allows you to manage your phone to conserve power. This is a great tool to use whenever your battery is low and you need an extra hour or so of use. To take advantage of these features, start at the Home screen. From here, navigate to 'Settings > Power saving mode'. This section will display to you a range of options you can adjust in order to preserve battery life.

Use Power saving mode: This feature allows you to automatically switch to Power saving mode when the battery is low and can be customized to include any of the following options:

Power saving on at: Allows you to set the battery power level when Power saving mode will be enabled (10%, 30%, 50%, 70%)

Turn off Wi-Fi: Automatically turns off Wi-Fi when you are not connected with Mobile AP. Wi-Fi connections are a major drain on battery life.

Turn off Bluetooth: Automatically turns off Bluetooth when it is not in use. Yet another large contributor to battery drain.

Turn off GPS: Automatically turns off GPS when it is not in use so that the phone is not constantly attempting to triangulate its location.

Turn off Sync: Automatically turns off Sync when the phone is not synchronizing with the server, which will save plenty of juice.

Brightness: Allows you to manually adjust the brightness of the screen. Tap this option to enable the next Brightness option, which will let you set the Brightness percentage of the screen. The lower the percentage, the less battery life used.

Screen time-out: Allows you to set the time before the screen times out and goes into lock mode. Active screens require light and thus, they drain the battery excessively.

Power saving tips: Describes various ways to conserve battery power. Follow the prompts and tips to learn more about your phone and how to conserve its battery.

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