Storage Options

Whether you are wanting to view new files on your phone, wishing to wipe and format a memory card or even completely reset the device, Samsung's intuitive programming allows for it. To get a general idea of the storage options and features on the Samsung Rugby Smart, navigate from the Home screen to 'Settings > Storage'. You will be given a number of options:

SD card – This section will show you the free amount of space along with the total amount of space on the (installed) memory card. You can either 'Unmount SD card' if you are planning on removing it or formatting it, or 'Format SD card' to begin the formatting process.
USB storage – Included in the design of the phone is a built-in USB storage section. As with the SD card function, you can view both the free amount and total amount of space available. You can format (wipe) this storage by selecting the 'Format USB storage' option.

Factory Data Reset

From this menu you can reset your phone and sound settings to the factory default settings. This is great if you are planning on sending your phone in for repair or to another individual and do not want to risk having any data on the phone that can be used in the commission of identity theft, fraud or other malicious activities.

1. From the Home screen, tap 'Settings > Privacy'.
2. Tap 'Factory data reset'.
3. If you want to erase all data on your USB storage, such as music and photos, tap the 'Format USB storage' checkbox to create a green checkmark.
4. Tap 'Reset phone'.
5. At the confirmation screen, tap 'Erase everything'. The phone resets to the factory default settings automatically and when finished, displays the Home screen.

Application Automatic Restore

If you ever delete an application only to end up re-installing it at a later date, you can recover all of your old settings and data (assuming you have not done a factory data reset) by navigating to 'Settings > Privacy'. Tap the 'Automatic Restore' option and a green checkmark will appear. This indicates that your application data has been successfully restored.

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