How-To: Navigate the Web on Your Samsung Rugby Smart.

1. Tap the "Web" icon located on your Home screen.
2. Tap the URL bar and type in the desired address then press "Go".
3. Scroll up and down to navigate the page or pinch and spread the screen in order to zoom in or out.

How-To: Open a New Browser Window.

1. Access the web browser.
2. Press the "Menu" key on your Samsung Rugby Smart.
3. Tap the "New window" icon.
4. In order to view all the opened windows tap the "Menu" button and tap the "Windows" icon.
5. Swipe through the opened windows and tap the desired one to view in full-screen mode or tap the "close" button in order to close a window.

How-To: Add a Bookmark on Your Web Browser.

1. Tap the "Web" icon on your Home screen.
2. Press the "Menu" key on your Rugby Smart.
3. Tap "More".
4. Select the "Add bookmark" feature.
5. Type in a desired bookmark name and the URL of the webpage you wish to bookmark.
6. Press "OK" and you're done.

How-To: Delete Web History on Your Samsung Rugby Smart.

1. Access the Browser and tap the "Menu" key.
2. Tap the "More" icon.
3. Select the "Settings" option.
4. Browse through the settings menu and tap the "Clear history" option.
5. Press the "OK" button on the clear history notification window and you're all set.

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