Master Volume

Use the Volume sub-menu to set the default volume for incoming calls and messages.

1. In standby mode, press Menu > Settings > Sound Settings > Master Volume.
2. Use the Left or Right Navigation keys or the Volume key to change the volume level (Silence All, Vibrate, Low, Low/Medium, Medium, Medium/High, High).
3. Press Vib. on to add with vibrate to the Master Volume setting.
4. Press SET to save the settings.

Ringer Type

You can assign ring tones for calls, alarms, and other alerts in the Ringer Type sub menu.

1. In standby mode, press Menu > Settings > Sound Settings > Ringer Type.
The following Ringer Types display:
• Voice Calls
• Messages
– Text Message
– Picture Message
– Voicemail
2. Select the desired option. A list of ringtones or sounds displays.
3. Use the Navigation key to scroll through the ringtones and sounds for the preferred ringer.
4. Press Play to play a sample of the selected ringtone.
5. Press OK to set this ringtone.


You can set your phone to sound an alert whenever you enter or leave your service area, connect or disconnect a call, as well as other options.

1. In standby mode, press Menu > Settings > Sound Settings > Alerts.
2. Select the desired option and press On (activate) or Off (deactivate):
• Minute Beep: Sound an alert ten seconds before each elapsed minute of a call.
• Roam/SVC Alert: Sound an alert when you leave your home service area while on a call.
• Call Connect: Sound an alert when you connect a call.
• Power On: Play melodies when you turn your phone on.
• Voice Privacy Alert: Sounds an alert when Voice Privacy is enabled.

Key Tone

Key Tone allows you to adjust the volume level and length of the tone that the keypad generates each time you press a key.
1. In standby mode, press Menu > Settings > Sound Settings > Key Tone.
2. Select one of the following options:
• Tone Level
• Tone Length

Setting the Tone Level
1. Use the Volume key or Navigation key to set the keypad Tone Level.
2. Press OK to save the selected tone level.

Setting the Tone Length
Select Short or Long and press OK to save the selection.

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