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    I'm aware that this is a pretty cheap phone so I'm not expecting a lot but there are two things that I was looking for help for.

    1. I added a wallpaper via a MicroSD card with the right resolution (320 x 240) and when I view it in the album it looks fine and fills the entire screen. However, when I saved it as the wallpaper, the messages/contacts bar ends up squishing the image. Is there another resolution I should use to make it fit properly or is there a way to make it so the wallpaper will go be unaffected?

    Also, when I take out the keyboard the image is stretched horizontally. Is that fixable or just something that's set?

    2. In terms of adding a ringtone, I have a MicroSD card and the phone was able to play some music that was preexisting already on the card. Is there anyway to add an audio file on the card as a ringtone? Does it have to be under a certain folder name for the phone to accept it?


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    Re: Samsung Montage: Wallpapers and ringtone

    It sounds like you'll have to take some pixels off of the image to accommodate for the messages/contacts bar.

    For the ringtone, I don't believe you can set an audio file from the sd card as a ringtone, sorry.

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