CES 2013 will be held on Las Vegas soon. And Samsung should be the one most studious and concerned manufacturers. Of course, except for the traditional cell phones and displays and some relative products, Samsung will also release some new products that are not too close to cell phone communication field. And one of those new products is the smart clean robot, which is named Smart Tango Corner Clean officially. The whole appearance of this clean robot is round style, and has the world’s first pop-up brush design. This clean robot can clear up any corners in the room. Even the most difficult nook, it can deal with it easily.

In addition, Smart Tango Corner Clean is equipped with an extra lens on top, which can photograph and transfer those pictures to Samsung smart phones. And it has been built in a LCD screen to show task code and error presentation. And there are three buttons on the top. And on the stern, it is provided with a detachable rubbish box. This kind of robot will be the good helper for housewives.

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