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    I have samsung galaxy s i9000. My phone fell down few months ago and screen broke. I had to buy new screen and it was really expensive. After they switched the screens, my phone worked really well.

    About 2 weeks from now I noticed something weird. Sometimes my phone just shows black screen, but it's still working, I just cannot see anything. So few times that happened and I fixed it simply by putting phone on a charger. After an hour or so of charging, the screen would start to work again.

    But not this time, this time just won't start. I tried taking battery off, restarting the phone, etc but nothing worked. The thing is, my touch screen works. I know that because I try to call myself and I have to slide to answer so I just slide and it works. Also I can hangup and stuff so touch screen works, I just cant see anything.

    Is there any way to fix that ? Does this mean I have to pay another 100$ for new screen ? :S

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    Re: Samsung galaxy s i9000 screen broke

    Something is loose woth the connection between the phone pcb and screen - take it back to where you got it repaired.

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