Hi, I just purchased a Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE SPH-L300 (Sprint). I got it off ebay with a bad ESN. If I can't use it as a phone, that is fine, but if I could, then that would even be better.

I checked out the thread here:sim-unlock-how-defreeze-unlock-samsung-galaxy-victory-4g-lte-l300-using-unlocknet

But it does not look like that will work, because sim-unlock.net says:

Unfortunately, we can not unlock this phone.
Unfortunately we can not generate code for this phone.

My question is if there is any way I can use this phone with T-mobile, or any other cheap pay as you go plan (I currently pay $100/year for 1000 minutes, and that is all I use)?

If not, then I am ok with that, but if there is a way to use the phone, that would be great.


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