I have a Samsung Intensity III phone that I have through Verizon. I do not have Asurion insurance on it, because I cannot afford it. A few weeks ago, I dropped my phone in the pool (don't ask how) and got it completely submerged in water. I took it out, and took the battery out and put it in rice for a week. I then got it out and turned it on, and it works. I have tested everything I can think of, and everything seems to be working ok, except for when the phones goes to sleep. Whenever the phones goes to sleep, it seems to just blackout as if I instantly took the battery out. It will then proceed to reboot itself. The process will just continue on and on in a cycle of constant reboots. The thing is, it doesn't do it while charging. I origionaly thought it was a battery problem, so I tried a replacement battery; however, that did not fix anything and the reboots continued. The phone works great until the display gets to its set timeout setting, and then the phone instantly reboots as soon as the screen goes to sleep. I have tried resetting the entire device, and everything else I could think of, but nothing seems to work. Do you think I am just going to have to get a new phone?

Thanks for your help

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