Did you know that you can unlock your Samsung galaxy S2 mobile phone for free if you visit www.freeunlocks.com today? All you need is the IME code of the mobile phone and the mobile phone service provider that has locked it. The IMEI code is the unique code that is given to all mobile phones to identify them internationally. You can find the IMEI code for your mobile phone below its battery or by simply dialing *#06#.

Once you have the code the next thing to do is visit www.freeunlocks.com to complete a free Trialpay offer there are numerous offers in the site to complete: it all depends on your preferences and likes. Once you complete the offer a free mobile phone unlock code will be generated. The code is then emailed to you together with instructions on how to go through the process of unlocking your mobile phone. With the instructions and the code I will take you a few minutes to completely go through the process of unlocking your mobile phone.

Once your mobile phone is unlocked you will be free to use it with any mobile service provider of your choice. This flexibility comes with a number of advantages. First you are going to use the mobile phone to save money when traveling abroad and locally. Locally you will save money by grabbing offers by competing mobile phone service providers. These carrier once in a while give offers to attract and retain more customers.

When traveling abroad with an unlocked mobile phone you are also going to save the money you should have used to pay for roaming charges since you are going to use SIM card from one of the mobile phone service providers available in the country that you are visiting.
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