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    Hi all,

    I'm new to the forum.

    So I'm not sure what to do here & I'm hoping with your opinions I can make a decision...

    I have never had a smart phone until recently when I bought a cheap Samsung Exhibit. I'm moving overseas from North American in a few months & my plan was to get a Note II b/c I need a GSM phone & I've heard everyone loves their Note once they get it.

    So I got here to Vegas & started learning the ins & outs of the Android OS & unlocking phones, & I thought I knew enough to buy a new Note, but I guess I didn't.

    I came across a store that got me a REALLY good price on my current ISP, so when I asked him if he could get me a new Note II he said yes. He gave me a great price $300, but then later on told me it was $400. I still thought that was a good price.

    When it came time for me to purchase it, he told me he had a Note 3 for $450. I don't have a lot of money, but a friend said I should get it if it's only $50 more. I asked the guy again if it's new & he told me yes.

    Well Friday I rushed over to pick it up & in my haste I didn't look at the phone clearly. I think I've only ever seen a Note up close once & it didn't look like a Note, but since I'm not an expert I didn't know. With tax it came to almost $490.

    I got it home & realized there were dings in the top right side of the metal border.

    I went online with Samsung last night wanting to confirm it actually WAS a Note 3 & I wasn't sold an SIII or something b/c that's what the receipt said.

    While they confirmed it was a Note 3, they also informed me it was International & I was SHOCKED. I thought it was going to be an American phone.

    I also took the back off & there was dust & dirt in a few areas including around the camera area. I was upset. Clearly it was NOT a new phone.

    I called the guy today & told him I wanted my money back & he said he'd give it to me. He's STILL claiming it's new other than it being in his shop & that he bought it open box.

    I started looking on eBay for pricing b/c I didn't know what to do. Should I return it & try & get a new one for an extra $100-175, money I don't have, or should I just accept that it's used.

    I don't even know if I got a good price for it.

    The only reason I started to think having the International one is a good idea is b/c I'm going overseas. No one can tell me the differences between the US & International ones. Is it better to have the International vs. the American one?

    Samsung couldn't even tell me the processor speak saying that's on the box. How can a phone NOT tell you is processing speed in the settings? That's just nuts.

    I also learned that you can ONLY get 2 US phones unlocked that will work, T-mobile & AT&T, the other ones won't & I didn't know that. So if I had bought an unlocked Sprint phone, I would have been screwed.

    I haven't even used the phone b/c I don't know whether I'm keeping it, so I don't want to start playing with it. And Samung won't help me with it unless I lie & say I'm calling about my Exhibit b/c they won't support International phones.

    I guess not having a warranty won't matter, as I certainly can't ship it back to the States if I have an issue with it.

    So what are your thoughts?



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    Re: Bought a Note 3 that turned out to be used

    $450 for a slightly used Note 3 is still a good price, especially for an unlocked international one. N9005, right? The main difference is the high clock speed on the snapdragon quad core 2.3ghz processor vs the 1.9ghz processor on the N9000.
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    Re: Bought a Note 3 that turned out to be used

    Hi there,

    So what constitutes "slightly used"?

    I mean I have used it yet so I don't even know if it works. Today I made several calls on it b/c my other one's battery was dead.

    Why is International more expensive than American?

    Is International better?

    Mine is a SM-N900

    Ok, I've heard of the clock speed, but I don't know what it does or how it's bad if it's too high. You mean the battery runs out quickly?

    So you think I should keep it?

    A friend last night said ask him for another one that's new. I have a feeling the guy is going to say he doesn't have another one b/c he just doesn't care, but I could be wrong.

    So you don't think I should buy from eBay someone who says they have a new one, American?



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